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Title: Cannot find device on network (after power surge?)
Post by: julianl22 on August 24, 2011, 08:12:25 am
My device last checked-in a little over a week ago, while I was offsite for a couple of weeks.  Upon returning, I found that my cable-modem and router both had dead power supplies.  I'm assuming this was due to a power surge, as my neighbor said we had a thunderstorm about the time of my last check-in.  All three devices were plugged into the same surge protector.  I have a new cable-modem now, but had a spare power supply for my DLink router, and am still using the original router, which appears to be working fine.

The power supply for my EtherRain 7P (Rain Bird 26.5V) is reading 29.0V.  I get a blinking green light on the ethernet cable port as soon as I plug it in, but that's all I'm seeing.  The EtherRain Admin application says it can find no devices.  I have the computer and the 7P both plugged into the router.  Suggestions?


Title: Re: Cannot find device on network (after power surge?)
Post by: Jim on August 25, 2011, 06:37:05 pm
Hi Julian,
For device issues please contact QuickSmart direct for fast resolution.   This forum is generally for historical or conversational questions.

To answer your question:  The blinking green LED on the Ethernet connector means that the controller is looking for an IP address.  First thing to check:
1.  Plug the controller into a known working Ethernet port with a known working cable and power up.  

If no address is obtained and the Green ethernet connector LED still blinks then most likely an element in the Ethernet signal path has failed due to the surge.   If that is the case the network board can be repaired quickly with a product return.

Surges due to Lightning can enter the network cable generally entering from a powered device on the network.  If you live in an area subject to lighting it might be a good idea to install an ethernet surge protector (they cost around $20.00).  They won't stop direct hits, but will most likely prolong the life of networked connected equipment.