Author Topic: Which weather feed should you use? (2019)  (Read 3540 times)


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Which weather feed should you use? (2019)
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:45:54 pm »
LawnCheck supports both Yahoo! Weather and DarkSky weather.   Both feeds provide accurate, to-the-hour, local weather conditions and forecasts on a worldwide basis.  So which one should you use?

Both services use base data drawn from national weather services, and they enhance based on their own meteorological knowledge.   The main difference from an irrigation perspective is in the type of precipitation forecast that they offer.   DarkSky provides PoP (Probability of Precipitation) numbers for today and tomorrow while Yahoo! provides daily condition codes for today and tomorrow.   When there is a high probability of precipitation in the forecast, Yahoo issues a precipitation code for the day.  The precipitation codes correspond to a high probability of precipitation or POP, but don't provide an actual number.

So both services offer very good data for blocking cycles for both today and tomorrow based on the information they provide.   We'd recommend trying either one and choosing one based that provides the best data for your particular location.

Please see our weather setup page for more info.