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About Lawncheck

LawnCheck is an Internet irrigation control site designed to provide conservation-oriented "smart" irrigation control for the average-sized automated sprinkler installation that uses EtherRain controllers. LawnCheck's "Pure Internet Irrigation™" scheduling and control technology offers superior value and service compared to other much higher priced "all-in-the-box" alternatives.

LawnCheck provides sophisicated scheduling and smart weather-based irrigation scheduling. LawnCheck offers a superior user interface - it's easy to set up schedules and view reports compared to premium priced competitors, at a fraction of the cost.

LawnCheck represents a breakthrough in cost effective "smart" irrigation control. Our goal is to use standard Internet technology to make smart, conservation-oriented irrigation affordable (and fun) for the vast majority of people who own automated irrigation systems.

The following Names, Phrases, Symbols are Trademarks of LawnCheck:
"Pure Internet Irrigation™"
"Smart Irrigation for Everyone™"
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LawnCheck is located within the Pacific Time Zone, in San Jose, California, USA.
Telephone: 408-777-0944
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