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Benefits Provided By LawnCheck Weather-Based Internet Irrigation Controller

LawnCheck's cloud-based irrigation scheduler/controller provides ease of access and a rich user interface that makes scheduling easy and efficient. LawnCheck scheduling service, combined with the EtherRain Ethernet irrigation controller provides the following benefits:

Saving Money

Water rates are going up in many locations throughout the US. LawnCheck makes it easy to save water and also makes it easy and convenient to create and maintain an optimized watering schedule that will leave your landscape natural and help you to eliminate wasteful over-watering.

LawnCheck lets you create a year round schedule that lets you tailor water cycles to the month of the year. Yet LawnCheck is easier to set up than current timer box alternatives.


Conserving Resources

Outside irrigation amounts to 50% or more of residential water use in California so optimizing this usage area holds the greatest potential for water conservation. Within the last few years automated "smart" controllers have provided water saving benefits to the select few who could afford them. Now LawnCheck allows the mass market to conserve water using similar techniques and in a very affordable way.

For more information on saving water with LawnCheck, click here

Promoting a Healthier Landscape

It doesn't do your landscape any good if you overwater. Most people overwater because they want to make sure that their landscape survives through a hot summer without having to fiddle with the automated timer. This widespread method results in over watering in the spring and fall and this promotes fungus and insect growth. LawnCheck's scheduling interface makes it easy to create an optimized schedule that will keep your landscape strong and your garden happy year around.

Saving Time

For most, LawnCheck provides easier and more time efficient access to their watering schedule. Watering schedule changes can be made where ever Internet access is available and you don't have to spend time re-learning the operation of a hard-to-program timer box every time you want to make a change.

With LawnCheck's calendar style interface it only takes a short time to set up a schedule optimized for year around use. And, from a maintenance standpoint, our controller doesn't have any batteries or clocks, so you never have to spend time re-setting the time or changing a worn out battery.

For those who have full time Internet service, the benefits provided by LawnCheck are substantial. Join the LawnCheck community today and start conserving, saving money, and growing better gardens today!