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Introduction to LawnCheck Weather-Based Internet Irrigation Controller

LawnCheck lets you easily create and execute an optimized yearly irrigation schedule to promote healthy landscapes and conserve water. LawnCheck gives you both landscape-health benefits and water-savings benefits by providing seasonal and weather dependent scheduling control. Even with the sophistication that LawnCheck provides, setting up your irrigation schedule is easy, far easier than setting up even a limited function timer box. For most, it will only require less than ten minutes to set up a complete seasonally optimized irrigation schedule for the whole year.

Smart Irrigation Control for Everyone

Smart, conservation oriented, irrigation controllers have been available to the market for many years. They are very expensive and require expert setup and maintenance to deliver savings. These controllers are not affordable or usable for 95% of those who have automated sprinkler systems.

Our goal in developing LawnCheck is to provide conservation-minded irrigation control that is affordable and usable by the mass market. The system we have set up is different from every other consumer grade irrigation and sprinkler controller available today. We have made "smart" irrigation control affordable and usable for the mainstream system owner by replacing a box full of complex and costly electronics with a centralized scheduling and control system that resides on a server on the Internet, .

system diagram

LawnCheck's use of a centralized scheduler is the key to providing conservation-oriented smart irrigation control that is not only affordable but also usable. It is easy to setup an irrigation schedule with LawnCheck, and it's easy to change that schedule. Schedule setup is performed by using an Internet browser. Changes to the schedule can be made at any time, again, using an Internet browser. Once a schedule is setup, and your controller is setup, your irrigation is performed to your schedule by the LawnCheck scheduler. You can think of LawnCheck as a big sophisticated easy-to-use "smart" controller.

Conserve Water and Have a Healthy Landscape!

The key to healthy, productive landscapes and gardens is proper irrigation. Both over-watering and under-watering result in problems. The use of an automated sprinkler system generally insures that a landscape will receive an adequate amount of water to survive. However, scientific experiments with expensive smart controllers have found that many automated systems apply too much water. The reason for this is that most people don't know how much water to apply, and also their controller does not give them ability to easily change the application rate to compensate for different weather patterns and seasonal conditions. As a result most system owners and maintenance people set the controllers to apply too much water.

This over-watering strategy ensures the survival of the landscape however because the practice has become common it causes an unnecessary drain on community water resources. LawnCheck was designed to help owners of automated irrigation systems irrigate their landscape more efficiently by eliminating the reasons for over-watering. By applying the optimal amount of irrigation, your landscape and gardens will be both healthy and productive, and you'll conserve water, and save money in the process.

Smart Irrigation Control for Everyone

LawnCheck is open for use by anyone. LawnCheck also has programs for commercial maintenance organizations and commercial irrigation contractors and installers. For more information, please click on the links provided.