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This page provides setup information and instructions to allow you setup your system quickly and to help overcome any issues you may come up against in the process.

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For more information, additional help, more extensive FAQ, and other topics, please visit our Smart Irrigation Forum by clicking the "Forum" button at the left.

Issue 1. I'm interested in registering for an account. Can you address security?

LawnCheck does not require the entry of personal or financial information to establish a basic account. At this time, your password is transmitted in plain text, although it is stored in the registration file in encrypted format. Your email address is used only for notification regarding controller operation.

Issue 2. While registering I noticed a long list of cities for Time Zone Choices. Which do I choose?

The time zones choices consist of a list large cities located within standard time zones. Pick a city that you share a time zone with. For example, New York uses the Eastern Time Zone, and if you are in New Jersey or Florida, you would choose New_York for your time zone. The list starts with eastern cites at the top and works westerly through the list.

Issue 3. How do I Extend an Ethernet Connection to a Remote Location where my valve wires and EtherRain controller are located?

There are three ways:

1. Run a CAT5 cable. A single cable run for 10/100 Base-T can be up to 300 ft long.

2. Wireless Bridge. WiFi bridges are inexpensive at around $60 to $80 and will provide a local Ethernet port spanning an average distance of 300 to 600 ft. Repeaters can increase the range. You need to be running a WiFi network for this to work. For more information on connecting with Wifi, please visit this page or download this App Note (.pdf)

3. Use an Ethernet Power Line Bridge. Reliable power line bridges are now available. They are capable of extending Ethernet to any location where a power outlet is located with the caveat of distance and outlet combination limitations. The 14 Mbps 10BaseT wall plugged bridges are sufficient for use with LawnCheck.

Issue 4. Once I install my EtherRain controller into my network, how do I find it's address so I can configure it?

You don't have to know the address of the EtherRain controller. The EtherRain Admin software, when installed on a Windows PC located within the same network as the EtherRain controller, will automatically discover your controller and allow you to configure it.

Issue 5. I've installed my controller and configured it with my account number. It doesn't seem to be working. What's up ?

It will take about 10 minutes for the device to fully synchronize with the schedule you have entered in the LawnCheck site. You can tell when your controller is fully working by selecting your device, clicking View Schedule, and then clicking the Statistics tab. On the Statistics page you'll find "Current Operating Status" will change to Ready when your device has been detected and is responding. This could take up to 5 minutes. Next you'll see the "Next Scheduled Cycle" appear, this could take another 5 minutes to appear.

Issue 6. How does LawnCheck make weather based descisions. What is the decision logic ?

For more information on how LawnCheck uses weather feeds to optimize irrigation please view our weather setup help page.

If you have a question that you need help with in order to set up your LawnCheck account your or to install/configure your EtherRain controller please send us an Email. (Please use our Email web form)