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Sequential Program Linking - Setting up a 16 or 24 Zone Program

If your LawnCheck account has multiple controllers you can link programs on the different controllers so that they automatically run in sequence from a single start time. This lets you easily build 16 and 24 zone irrigation programs while specifying only one start time.

How to Sequentially Link Programs

Step 1

The first step is to determine which program on which controller that you want to select as the starting program. Once selected, choose a start time and enter the start time in the field provided.

Step 2

Next, select or create a program on a different controller within your account. When selecting or creating this program, instead of entering a start time, check the box labled "Start after another program ends." This box appears under the program name.

The "Start After" Checkbox

When you check this box, the start time field disappears and a new field labled "Start After" appears. To the left of the "Start After" label is a drop down box that is populated with all of the existing programs that have been created on different controllers within your account. From the drop down box, select the program that you designated as the "starting program." Make sure to fill in a name for the program and enter the zone times. You'll note that there are no calendar or weather controls for this "linked program." The linked program will always start after the program it is linked to. If the "starting program" is blocked for any reason, programs that are linked to it will not run.

Start Time vs. "Start After" Programs

You can always convert a linked program back to a timed start program by unchecking the "start after program ends" box. If you do this the start time, calendar and weather fields will all be displayed. Note that any links that were previously established will be removed.

Link up to 24 Zones Sequentially

With a basic LawnCheck account if you have multiple controllers, you can link up to three programs so that they run in sequence.

Warning: Please Note: Check for Midnight!

When linking cycles, you must ensure that all of your linked cycles will start before midnight. Cycles that start after midnight will not run at this time. This also holds if you are using multicyle. If you are irrigating at close to midnight, please add all of your zone runtimes up, at 100% scale, and add these minutes to your start time, then add 3 minutes for every linked cycle. Make sure the start time for all of your cycles is before midnight.